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How can Real Estate Developers Engage Customers Digitally

Marketing real estate in the digital age

How can Real Estate Developers Engage Customers Digitally

As a majority of home buyers and sellers rely on the Internet as the medium for search whenever they want to buy or sell property, it has become imperative for the real estate businesses to have a strong digital marketing strategy so that their brand name is visible. India has over 749 million Internet users, and so real estate developers have to make full use of their digital strategy to engage with this many online users.

 There are many social media platforms today, and real estate developers can use these to engage with their customers. Many of the online users access Facebook and Instagram through their smartphones. The real estate developers therefore have channels through which they can engage with their users impact fully.

6 Ways Real Estate Developers Can Engage Customers Digitally?

 For any real estate property developer, they can attain their business goals by leveraging digital marketing. Through engagement, the property developers try to create more value for their customers.

    1. Personalize strategies

To create valuable content, it is vital for real estate developers to know who their prospective clients. Let us take this example: in the near future, it is predicted that over 40% of all Internet users will be women. This means that content relevant to women has to be published more often in the future.  This will likely challenge long-held assumptions with regard to gender and associated interest areas. In one survey, over sixty percent of those who shopped for sporting goods or viewed connected videos on YouTube were women. And 60% of those who searched for car-related information online were also women. Therefore, it helps to have an intimate understanding of your audience. This can help you to build a better relationship with your audience. 

    2. Create campaigns for the mobile

A majority of Indians use their phones to access the Internet almost all the time. This means that developers should be publishing content specifically designed for mobile phones. Only then can they engage with the next billion Internet-savvy consumers.

    3. Use regional languages to reach across to a wider audience

The number of English-speaking Internet users in India is reasonably static, but the number of regional language users is growing very fast. This is because of the Internet penetration in tier II and III cities, and also in villages. It is estimate that close to 30% of Internet users in India are from rural areas. For real estate developers who want to connect personally with their prospective clients or establish a relationship with them, a strong strategy for digital marketing in the regional language is essential.  Tamil is the leading regional language used among Internet users in India and stands at 42 percent, followed by Hindi speakers at 39 percent.


    4. Optimize your brand for voice search

Voice search in India is still in its nascent stage, but growing at a steady rate. It is estimated that 28 percent are voice searches of all the searches done. Voice search has far-reaching implications for SEO because traditional keywords are not used in natural speech. Real estate developers, thus, have to find new ways to be discover via voice search results to stay visible in the digital world.

    5. Utilize the Google Ads ‘missed call’ extension

Adding call extensions to the ads you place can increase CTRs and conversion rates. However, the cost of making a call might stop your prospects from contacting your business. Google Ads has recently released a ‘Missed Call’ feature that addresses this concern. On selecting the Missed Call option on an ad, a call is placed, which is then immediately cut. Soon after this, the user receives an automated call asking them to stay on the line and the call is connected to the business. The business will also receive a call from Google simultaneously. Once the user and the business get connected on the call, they are connected to each other. This can help potential homeowners connect with the real estate business and may even improve conversions.

    6. Encourage two-way conversation

Real estate developers can use digital marketing to both speak to their consumers and listen to them in return. This enables a two-way conversation and helps to build customer engagement. For the conversation to be meaningful, developers have to understand who their audience is and what their interests and concerns are.

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A complete transformation from traditional to digital marketing by real estate developers is not going to happen in the near future. However, they seem to have increased the digital footprint going by the increased budgets they have allocated in recent times. 

How SayOne Digital Can Help

SayOne Digital is a full-service digital marketing company that can help any real estate business establish their presence in the digital realm. Their professional digital marketers can help your real estate business stay ahead of the competition with a visible brand presence. 

    1. What is Internet marketing in real estate?

It includes the many tactics necessary to advertise these things online. These different tactics include using digital talents, online platforms, and other things. They are some of these tools are social media, Email promotion.

    2. What are some examples of marketing strategies in real estate?
  1. Strategic Direction
  2. Collaboration and teamwork.
  3. Display Your Properties Elegantly.
  4. Increase Your Website’s Leads.
  5. SEO and content marketing.
  6. Develop Entertaining Email Marketing Campaigns.
  7. Self-promotion on social media.
  8. Utilize videos to Draw in a Wider Audience.
    3. What are the 5 P’s applied to internet marketing?

The five marketing pillars—Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People—serve as a framework to direct marketing initiatives and maintain marketers’ attention on the important issues.

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